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Toperfect classifies 40000 wall paintings according to the functions of rooms, so now it's much easier to choose wall decoration for your home, this is better than other galleries who classify art wall decor by artists or subjects.
Toperfect, the terminal to your hard journey of searching for suppliers of wall art!

1. Wall Décor for Rooms

  1.1 Bedroom / Sleeping Room

  1.2 Dining Room and Kitchen

  1.3 Drawing Room / Living Room

  1.4 Nursery Room / Nurture Room

  1.5 Study Room

  1.6 Vestibule

2. Wall art for Commercial Space

  2.1 Cafe

  2.2 Clubs and Bars

  2.3 Gymnasium

  2.4 Health Care

  2.5 Hotel

  2.6 KTV

  2.7 Office

  2.8 Restaurant

Toperfect is the supplier of Walmart, Starbucks and many famous galleries, our cheap wall art is in wholesale prices, only 5%-20% gallery prices in your city! The 40000 art wall paintings at online gallery are nice choice for home decor, you'll find beautiful art for bedroom, living room, study room and more.

oil paintings

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