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Robert Campin Master of Flémalle Netherlandish painter named after three paintings in the St delsches Kunstinstitut in Frankfurt that   ...... discount oil paintings artist
Canaletto Giovanni Antonio Canal Italian Also known as: Antonio Canal, Giovanni Antonio Canal, Antonio Canale, Antonio Canaleto, Antonio Canaletti, Antonio   ...... framed Italian oil painting artist, buy China oil paintings reproduction
Caravaggio Italian Also known as: Caravage, Michelangelo Merisi, Michael Angelo da Caravaggio, Michelangelo Amerighi da Cara ...... from photos Italian oil paintings artist
Vittore Carpaccio Italian Neither the date of Capriccio's birth nor the date of Vittore Carpaccio's death are known precisely. TVittore Carpaccio's   ...... Italian oil painting artist
Annibale Carracci Italian CARRACCI, LODOVICO, AGOSTINO, and ANNIBALE, three celebrated Italian painters, were born at Bologna in 1555, 1557  ...... Italian oil paintings artist
Carrier-Belleuse Pierre French 4Carrier Belleuse Pierre La Maison De Musique by oil painting old masterpiece reproductionsupplies Toperfect   ...... French oil painting artist
Mary Cassatt American Cassatt, Mary (b. May 22, 1844, Allegheny City, Pa., U.S.--d. June 14, 1926, Ch芒teau de Beaufresne, near Paris, Fr.),   ...... American  oil paintings artist
Paul Cézanne France One of the greatest of the Postimpressionists, whose paintings and ideas were influential in the aesthetic development  ...... discount France oil painting artist, buy China oil paintings reproduction
Philippe de Champaigne French The Brussels-born painter Philippe de Champaigne arrived in Paris with Philippe de Champaigne's master,  landscape  ...... framed French oil paintings artist
Charles Chaplin When one hears the name Chaplin, we immediately make the inevitable link to the legendary comic actor Charlie.   ...... framing oil painting artist
Chardin Jean-Baptiste-Siméon French Chardin, Jean-Baptiste-Siméon (1699-1779). French painter, one of the greatest of the 18th century, whose genre and  ...... from photos French oil painting artist
William Merritt Chase American CHASE, WILLIAM MERRITT (1849-1916), American painter, was born at Franklin, Indiana, on the 1st of November 1849  ...... American landscapes oil paintings artist
Théodore Chassériau French Théodore Chassériau's chief work was the decoration of the Cour des Comptes in the Palais d'Orsay, Paris, with  ...... discount French oil painting artist
Frederic Edwin Church American For Frederic Edwin Church's spectacular and panoramic paintings of the wilderness of North and South America, Frederic   ...... American  oil paintings artist, sell art paintings
Pieter Claesz Netherlands Pieter Aertsen, called "Long Peter", was a Dutch historical painter. He was born and died in Amsterdam, and painted there  ...... on wood Netherlands oil painting artists
Sir George ClausenEngland CLAUSEN, GEORGE (1852-1944), English painter, was born in London, the son of a decorative artist. He attended  ...... framing oil paintings artist
John Constable England Although he showed an early talent for art and began painting his native Suffolk scenery before he left school, his great   ...... on wood England oil paintings artist
Thomas Sidney Cooper England  Cooper was an animal painter, who was encouraged by Abraham Cooper (no relative) and by Sir Thomas Lawrence. He  ...... framed England oil painting artist
John Singleton Copley American COPLEY, JOHN SINGLETON (1737-1815), English historical painter, was born of Irish parents at Boston  ...... American  oil painting artists
Vittorio Matteo Corcos Italian 4Corcos Vittorio Matteo An Elegant Lady With Her Faithful Companion By The Beach by oil painting old masterpiece   ...... Italian oil paintings artist, sell art paintings
Lovis Corinth Germany Lovis Corinth was born on July 21, 1858, at Tapiau in eastern Prussia. As a child he sought relief from Lovis Corinth's hostile   ...... Germany oil painting artist
Corot Jean-Baptiste-Camille French COROT, JEAN-BAPTISTE CAMILLE (1796?875), French landscape painter, was born in Paris, in a house on the Quai by  ...... French oil paintings artist
Antonio Allegri da Correggio Italian paintings Leonardo da Vinci Dali oil painting Monet CORREGGIO, or COREGGI0, the name ordinarily given to Antonio Allegri (1494-1534), the celebrated Italian painter, one of   ......  oil painting artists
Piero di Cosimo Italian PIERO DI COSIMO (1462-1521), the name by which the Florentine painter Pietro di Lorenzo is generally known. He was  ...... discount Italian oil painting artists, sell art paintings
Gustave Courbet French COURBET, GUSTAVE (1819-1877), French painter, was born at Ornans (Doubs) on the 10th of June 1819. He went to   ...... French oil painting artistss
Thomas Couture French He was born at Senlis Oise, France and at age 11, Thomas Couture's family moved to Paris where he would study at the indus  ...... landscapes French oil painting artists
Lucas Cranach the Elder He takes Cranach Lucas the Elder's name from the small town of Kronach in South Germany, where he was born,    ...... from photos  oil paintings artists
Georges Croegaert Belgian Georges Croegaert is particularly well known for his paintings of cardinals. Georges Croegaert usually depicted them   ...... on wood Belgian oil painting artists
Jasper Francis Cropsey American One of America's finest mid-century landscape painters, Jasper F. Cropsey was a major figure in the Hudson River School   ...... American  oil painting artists, sell art paintings
Aelbert Cuyp Raphael Rembrandt Remington oil painting Van Gogh Vincent  The most famous member of the family and now one of the most celebrated of all landscape painters, although he   ...... framing oil painting artistss
Dagnan-Bouveret Pascal-Adolphe-Jean French As the dean of the nineteenth century academic naturalist tradition, and a painter who sponsored a fervent anti-   ...... French oil painting artists
Charles-François Daubigny French DAUBIGNY, CHARLES FRANÇOIS (1817?878), French landscape painter, allied in several ways with the Barbizon   ...... French oil painting artists
David Gerard Belgian David, Gerard (d. 1523). Netherlandish painter. He was born at Oudewater, now in southern Holland, but he worked mainly  ...... framed Belgian oil painting artists
David Jacques-Louis French DAVID, JACQUES LOUIS (1748-1825), French painter, was born in Paris on the 30th of April 1748. His father was killed in a    ...... discount French oil paintings artist, for sale art paintings
De Camp Joseph Rodefer American Joseph Rodefer DeCamp, a native of Boston, was known for his figure paintings of women in interiors and in girl body poses,   ...... American  oil painting artists
Evelyn de Morgan England velyn De Morgan née Pickering was one of the most talented followers of Burne-Jones. Though the influence  ...... on wood England oil painting artist, for sale art paintings
Edgar Degas French DEGAS, HILAIRE GERMAIN EDGARD (1834-1917), French painter, was born in Paris on the 19th of July 1834. Entering in 1855  ...... French landscapes oil paintings artist
Delacroi Eugene French Delacroi the elder (also known as Delacroi de Contaut) died at Bordeau when Eugene was seven years of age, and his   ...... French framing oil painting artist
Paul Delaroche French DELAROCHE, HIPPOLYTE, commonly known as PAUL (1797?856), French painter, was born in Paris on the 17th of July 179 ...... French  oil paintings artist, for sale art paintings
Hippolyte Camille Delpy French Hippolyte-Camille Delpy studied with Daubigny as well as Corot. A contemporary of the Impressionists, he  ...... French  oil painting artists
Thomas Wilmer Dewing American Thomas Wilmer Dewing, a native of Boston, studied successively in Paris and Munich from 1876 to 1879. On his return  ...... American oil paintings artist
Sir Francis Bernard Dicksee England FRANK DICKSEE was a member of a noted artistic family, his father, brother, and sister Margaret were all well-known   ...... England  oil painting artist, for sale art paintings
Gustave Doré French Also known as: Paul-Gustave Dore, Louis Auguste Gustave Doré, Paul Gustave Louis Christophe Doré.   ...... French from photos oil paintings artist
Gerrit Dou Netherlands Also known as: Gerrit Daw, Gerard Dou, Gerrit Douun, Gerrit Douw, Gerrit Douwen, Gerrit Dov, Gérard Dow, Gerhard Dow,   ...... landscapes Netherlands oil painting artist
Herbert James Draper England Herbert James Draper was born in London. He was educated at Bruce Castle before moving to the Royal Academy Schools ...... England  oil paintings artist, for sale art paintings
Duccio di Buoninsegna Italian The great age of the Sienese School started with Duccio. Neither contemporary accounts of him nor any personally written   ...... framing Italian oil painting artists
Julien Dupré French Working during the last half of the 19th century, Julien Dupre was an artist, considered by most, to be one of the leading  ...... French  oil painting artist, for sale art paintings
Asher Brown Durand American Asher B. Durand was born on August 21, 1796, in Jefferson Village (now Maplewood), New Jersey, and studied engraving with  ...... framed American oil paintings artist
Albrecht Dürer Germany Also known as: Alberduer, Duro Tedesco Alberto, Alberto di Dura, Dureño Alverto, Albert Durer, Albert Duur.   ...... on wood oil painting artist
Frank Duveneck American Frank Duveneck, a painter, sculptor, etcher and art teacher, was the eldest son of German immigrants Bernard and    ......  oil paintings artist, for sale art paintings
Sir Antony van Dyck Flanders In 1609 he began his apprenticeship with Hendrick van Balen in his native Antwerp and he was eceptionally  ...... discount  oil painting artist
Eakins Thomas American The final story of Thomas Eakins has not been written. Modernists have celebrated him for his departure from French  ...... on wood American oil painting old master
Edward Hopper American He trained under Robert Henri, 1900-06, and between 1906 and 1910 made three trips to Europe, though these had little     ...... Americanpainter, supplies China oil painting reproduction
El Greco Greece paintings antique oil painting Also known as: Domenikos Theotokopoulos. GRECO, EL, the name commonly given to Domenikos Theotokopoulos (d.    ......  oil painting old master
Elsley Arthur John England Arthur Elsley was a painter of domestic genre subjects and portraits, especially of children. His parents are known to have   ...... Englandpainter
Ernst Rudolf Austria 4Ernst Rudolf Gnaoua in a North African Interior by oil painting old masters masterpiece reproduction supply Toperfect Art  ...... landscapes Austria oil painting old master
William Etty England British painter, was born at York, on the 10th of March 1787. His father had been in early life a miller, but had finally   ...... England from photos oil painting old master
Jan van Eyck Netherlands Eyck, Jan van (b. before 1395, Maaseik, Bishopric of Li猫ge, Holy Roman Empire [now in Belgium]--d. before July 9, 1441,  ...... Netherlandspainter, supplies China oil painting reproduction
Fantin-Latour Henri FANTIN-LATOUR, IGNACE HENRI JEAN THEODORE (1836-1904), French old master, was born at Grenoble on the 14th of January   ...... framed  oil painting old master
Henry Farny American A noted illustrator and painter of the American west and long-time resident of Covington. Henry Farny was born on July 15,   ...... Americanpainter
Ferneley Snr. John England Born at Thrussington in Leicestershire, the son of a wheelwright, John Ferneley was first apprenticed to his father's trade  ...... England  old oil painting master
Domenico Feti Italian  Domenico Feti was born at Rome, where he studied under Ludovico Cigoli, was court painter to Vincenzo Gonzaga at  ...... Italian old oil painting master
Foster R.W.S., Myles Birket Birket Foster was the most celebrated Victorian watercolour painter of rustic scenes. He painted in a stippled technique   ...... the oil painting old masters, supplies China oil painting reproduction
Jean Fouquet old paintings old masters oil painting 0FOUQUET Jean Martyrdom Of St Andrew by oil painting old masterpiece reproduction supplies Toperfect  ......  oil painting old master
Fra Angelico Beato Italian Angelico, Fra (Guido di Pietro) (c. 1400-55). Florentine painter, a Dominican friar. Although in popular tradition he has been  ...... discount Italian oil painting old masters
Jean-Honoré Fragonard French Fragonard, Jean-Honoré (1732-1806). French painter whose scenes of frivolity and gallantry are among the most complete   ...... French  old oil painting master
Piero della Francesca THOSE are indeed unfortunate who, after most arduous studies to the end that they may assist others and leave a   ...... landscapes  old oil painting master
Francesco Di Giorgio Martini Italy Francesco di Giorgio Martini, Sienese painter, sculptor, architect and engineer, belongs to a select group of Renaissance   ...... framed Italy oil painting old masters, supplies China oil painting reproduction
Frere Charles Théodore French Frere Charles Théodore, Frere Charles Théodore painting, Frere Charles Théodore oil painting, Frere Charles Théodore  ...... French framing old oil painting master
Émile Friant French In the late nineteenth century Nancy emerged from beneath the shadow of Paris to establish itself as the second old masteric center  ...... French from photos oil painting old masters
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