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Fine art oil painting reproduction by impressionism artists Manet, for sale famous oil paintings Luncheon on the Grass, Olympia, A Bar at the Folies-Bergère, you may read Manet biography on the website.
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Édouard Manet


Toperfect Art supplies Manet biography and painting knowledge, which is useful for painters and art fans.

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The famous artists in our art company are good at on canvas Manet paintings reproductions and other beautiful painting wholesale in museum quality such as Luncheon on the Grass,
A Bar at the Folies-Bergère,
Manet Bathers on the Seine,
Claude Monet Working on his Boat in Argenteuil.

Biography of Éduard Manet

, is a well known painter in France 19th century. He is a leading figure of Impressionism as well as one of the founders of it in 19th century. He deeply affected some fresh painters such as Monet, Cézanne and van Gogh, though he had never attended any exhibition of Impresionism. Manet’s chief achievements are in figure paintings and a reflection of influence from Japanese Yamato-e and Spanish art style. Manet paintings boldly adopted bright colors and abandoned medium tone that is a good expression of light and colors of Impressionism. Manet created the style of Impressionism and was regarded as a famous and important painter playing a connecting role of the previous and later style. So, oil painting lovers are very interested in Éduard Manet biography, and reproductions of his paintings for sale in gallery are prevalent.


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