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Info of Salvador Dali painting and list of artwork names, as well as pictures of Dali works and biography.
Toperfect, service for you with answers to popular questions about the Spanish surrealism artist and paintings by Dali!

1. Dali Art

2. About Salvador Dali

3. Analysis of Dali Paintings

  3.1 The Persistence of Memory / Dali clock / Dali memory

  3.2 Dali The Elephants / Swans Reflecting Elephants

  3.3 Dali Rose / Meditative Rose

  3.4 The Soft Construction with Boiled Beans-Premonition of Civil War

  3.5 Christ of Saint John of the Cross

  3.6 Dali Last Supper

  3.7 Dali Narcissus

4. Salvador Dali Biography

5. Dali Gallery


Toperfect Art supplies Dali biography and surrealism painting artwork, which is useful for painters and art fans.

Our art gallery not only supply list of high-quality copies of Dali Salvador paintings, but also offer analysis of Persistence of Memory and other famous works.

The famous artists in our art company are good at on canvas Dali artwork and other beautiful drawings wholesale such as Dali The Persistence of Memory,
Christ of Saint John of the Cross, portrait, clocks, Narcissus, Last Supper, Christ, portrait, elephants, memory and rose.

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