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Toperfect Reviews of Paintings

Female Empowerment
During my current college ethics course we had a long talk about women in fictional history. A lot of interesting names came up, and at some point or another we started talking about art. Everyone here had a pretty high recommendation of Toperfect paintings, so we came up with a little side project to make things interesting. Both nude and risqué art had a sense of empowerment to both men and women, with the latter having more of an impact due to the status of women throughout history. Our class went on a search for modern art that had the same type of empowerment, with the only filter being that it had to be from and the focus had to be on a woman.

Fantastic Story 17
We had no Toperfect complaints and found our first painting within a few seconds. Fantastic Story 17 featured a strong blond woman warrior that looked worn after a long battle. Whatever she was thinking about must have been serious, because she looks ready to take on the world! The sword was one of the better we had seen out of all the Toperfect paintings starring warriors of any kind, and it looked lethal yet stylish. Game of Thrones fans may liken the woman in the painting to Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons. With the troubled skies in the background of the painting, there is no telling what is lurking- it could very well be dragons. Whatever it was, we were ultimately satisfied with the way this nameless character was represented.

Dragon Rhapsody
In this epic battle, a woman is ready to take on a dragon, and possibly two. Toperfect comments have pointed to the color of her outfit as being the same as the second dragon in the background. This means she is quite possibly a dragon tamer, and may very well be commanding the blue dragon in the background. Where the questions keep coming is when you notice there is a baby in her arm, and a flaming sword in the other. There are so many possibilities for a story with this one, and it could even include a deal with evil. Toperfect complaints surfaced within our group about the true story behind the painting, making this one of the more popular choices among us. The lady in the painting is strong, courageous and is willing to lose her life to protect the baby.

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Malefic Panic Light
The frightening image depicted in Malefic Panic Light does not produce the damsel in distress that you might think. Upon closer inspection the woman in the picture is not scared, and is very much in control of her functions. Toperfect claims to have a diverse set of paintings associated with the elements of good and evil, and we found that to be quite true. Both of the figures in this painting may very well be evil, with the woman possibly the one pulling the strings behind it all. We felt it reminded us a lot of Penny Dreadful’s Miss Vanessa Ives. One of the students purchased a copy for their own based off of that likeness, and felt a strong bond with the meaning.

Dreams Coyote Summer Indian Girl
Toperfect reviews cited how this painting was filled with a range of emotions, and on closer inspection we all agreed. Surrounded by nature and the wilderness, the young girl in the painting seems to be more mature than her physical appearance lets on. When we were looking at Toperfect paintings Dreams Coyote Summer Indian Girl turned into a really fun choice to talk about. It isn’t as daring as the others we added to our list, but there is something special about it. The artist took great care to make the girl vulnerable enough to where she was slightly flawed. The end result with her surrounded by nature is someone that still has a lot of growing to do, but a painting that Toperfect comments have described as one of a kind.

Fallen Angel
Even if you don’t factor in the religious undertones of Fallen Angel, it still stands as one of the top Toperfect paintings available. We couldn’t compare it to any other painting because it was so unique. The angel in the painting was beautiful, yet dangerous. She was very much on a mission that could change the course of the world. At some point we decided that this was our favorite painting, or at the very least the best female character out of all the paintings we looked at. Some of the biggest Toperfect claims from our group was that the time period was ‘after earth’. There may be some truth to that, but we’ll never know for sure unless we talk to the artist. These are the type of conversations that we live for! I would definitely agree that this is the best painting I’ve seen that matched our theme.

Sexy Fighting
This is a simplistic version of what we were looking for but it fits the theme. Toperfect paintings don’t always have to be complex masterpieces, which is exactly what makes Sexy Fighting work. The big draw with this painting was the setting, with an agile heroine fighting back against her opponent. It is like the artist captured the perfect moment in time between the two, and if there was ever a time to recall a movie it would be now. There are more than a dozen martial arts movies that come to mind when looking at this painting, but as the Toperfect comments suggested, none of them are quite like Sexy Fighting. It’s fun, fast and a really easy painting to get into. There may be more like this that match our theme, but we couldn’t find it with the limited time we had to complete this personal assignment. A couple of my classmates purchased this painting for family members and one of them has it up in their dorm room.

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The Pentagram
Evil in every way, there is no doubt about the allegiance of the character in this painting. That still doesn’t take away from her overall power, as it looks like she could possibly command an entire undead army. Toperfect reviews talk about how mesmerizing the painting is with both the woman and the snake. Others talk about the risqué costume she has on, with a knife cleverly sheathed along her lower back. There are enough details in the painting to make it worth looking at for an extended period, as you’ll notice new things each time. Our group loved this Toperfect painting because it wasn’t shy about the content, and went straight for the jugular with its message.

Victoria Frances Virgins of the Lake
Without even showing her face, the character in this painting really stands out. It looks as though she is entering a point of no return, and bravely going into it without regard for her own safety. This is exactly what the Toperfect comments were buzzing about when they described the morbid colors and setting of this excellent painting. With all of the skulls floating in the lake, the black bird sitting on the front-most one was a very telling touch. A good amount of work went into making certain portions of the painting come alive, with generally a few areas highlighted so they can’t be missed. Toperfect claims to use both old and new techniques with their paintings, with a very keen eye for what is proper in a particular painting. That seems to be the case with Victoria Frances Virgins of the Lake, as the artist did a brilliant job in rendering every portion of the painting to have a specific effect. There isn’t a single spot on this painting that our group wasn’t entranced by, and it would have been ruined if the artist chose to show the face of the woman.

Tarot Queen of Wands
Toperfect reviews pointed us in the direction of this painting as being a throwback to the Renaissance period in painting. Indeed the nudity in the painting did remind us of some of the classical ones by big time artists, right down to the pose. The dress the character wears in the painting is beautiful, and her gaze is powerful. Having her stare directly at the viewer gives off a fantastic effect when paired with her pose. A lot of people in the Toperfect comments are trying to figure out what her actual status is, or rather what time period this comes from. Even if it is in a fantasy setting, the entire piece is well done. Her dress and jewelry are paired together perfectly, with the overall atmosphere she is posing in a big question mark. Toperfect paintings that play the ambiguity card are always fun to pick apart, and our group really had a good debate about the background, and the true nature of the period she was in. Even without more vital information to detail the meaning of the painting, Tarot Queen of Wands fit our theme in a fantastic way.