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toperfectis an outstanding supplier of oil painting of masterpieces,scenery by knife,abstract girl body,arts graceful.
The largest oil painting manufacturers and exporters from China in elegant quality and reasonable price.

Toperfect, end to your hard jouney of searching for suppliers!

Q:  Will our goods be inspected by customs?

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Every container by China Air Post or by sea must be inspected by the Customs, so it's very possible that your ordered paintings and frames to be inspected. On the contrary, packages by express, say, DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX,are seldom opened for the Customs inspection.

Q:  How we should do if you need pay high import tax to your customs, like Eastern Euro, Africa, South America?

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For small quantity shipped by express, we always state proper value so needn't apply to the Customs.

Please inform us if the Customs in you country has special requirements. You may inquiry your Customs or foreign trade company for detailed information and necessary procedures.

For big quantity shipped by China Air post or by sea,you are supposed to apply to the Customs. You can inform us of specific ways to prepare necessary documents according to import requirements in your country.