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toperfectis an outstanding supplier of oil painting of masterpieces,scenery by knife,abstract girl body,arts graceful.
The largest oil painting manufacturers and exporters from China in elegant quality and reasonable price.

Toperfect, end to your hard jouney of searching for suppliers!

Q:  How to Order?

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You may register on our website, go to Catalogue to choose painting, click the small picture to open a new big window;
MUST Type a number in “quantity” column, select size, quality, and painting material from drop-down menu;
click “stretch it” or "select frame" if you want, then MUST click "add to cart";
you'll back to the page with big picture, and the total price at page bottom, please MUST click "add to cart" to confirm that;
you will be redirected to your order account, please go to the bottom of this page to choose option A or B.
A, if you're wholesaler, OR have Neither PayPal account Nor Credit Card, please click “Wholesaler: Submit order to get email support”
B, If you're individual customer and have PayPal account OR Credit Card, please click "Individual customer: Check out to pay by PayPal", and “Submit”, you'll be directed to a page to calculate shipping cost for your order. After fill all exact information pls click “Check Out”.