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   All images in the 3 subdirectories are
   hand painted examples by ourselves.
   In order for you to compare the original art
   with our beautiful reproductions or portrait,
   we print the originals and put them on
   each reproduction, then take pictures
   of them together.

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Toperfect Originals Oil Paintings

    Pics per Line: Three Four Five Six        No.[1/  1 ]    Total:[5]

0imd005 acrylic oil paintings
0imd005 acrylic
0imd001 acrylic oil paintings
0imd001 acrylic
0imd004 acrylic oil paintings
0imd004 acrylic
0imd003 acrylic oil paintings
0imd003 acrylic
0imd002 acrylic oil paintings
0imd002 acrylic
   Pics per Line:Three Four Five Six      No.[1/  1 ]    Total:[5] 


+ Toperfect Originals Paintings:

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