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Worldwide shipment to your door by express, don't need customs procedures!

The chat function is only for individual customers to answer questions about ordering procedures; wholesalers should submit questions to your sales Rep.

How to order?
You may register on our website, go to “Catalogue” to choose painting, click the small picture to open a new big window;
MUST Type a number in “quantity” column, select size, quality, and painting material from drop-down menu;
click “stretch it” or "select frame" if you want, then MUST click "add to cart";
you'll back to the page with big picture, and the total price at page bottom, please MUST click "add to cart" to confirm that;
you will be redirected to your order account, please go to the bottom of this page to choose option A or B.
A, if you're wholesaler, OR have no bank card and have no PayPal account, please click “Wholesaler: Submit order to pay offline (by TT Bank Transfer or www.westernunion.com)”
B, If you're individual customer and have PayPal account or bank card, please click "Individual customer: Check out to pay by PayPal", and “Submit”, you'll be directed to a page to calculate shipping cost for your order. After fill all exact information pls click “Check Out”.

How to make custom painting from your photos?

How to order portrait painting from photos?

If you want irregular/special size, please purchase painting in the most similar and bigger size, then email us after payment or submission of order.

More questions? Please check FAQ here to find out answer right now or email us.

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