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Handmade Oil Painting in Factory Price! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Why not ask Toperfect gallery to create a landscape oil painting or portrait from YOUR OWN photos? It's the best gift to record those happy memories forever, to celebrate wedding and birthday, or as wall decor for your office and home. The price is so cheap to get such original arts for sale, and anybody else can not buy it from anywhere else.
Let Toperfect's painting artists create your unique treasure with artistic brushes!
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You're welcome to check the ready examples for beautiful art of sale in both High Quality and Museum-Collections Quality by Famous Artists.
Don't hesitate to enjoy the elegant pictures and painting art reproduction by Toperfect manufacturer!

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Examples of Reproductions in Museum-quality by Famous Artists

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Art Reproductions in Museum-quality by Famous Artists >>

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You are welcome to purchase on Toperfect Art Factory whatever for your wholesale business or perosnal use. Please check please here to read the Toperfect reviews, comments, and ratings about Toperfect company reputation from real customers.

The paintings for sale are in regular sizes and wholesale prices directly from, you may contact us if want to turn your photos to painting or custom order art in special sizes; please register at our online gallery, then go to catalogue to buy beautiful reproductions.

You are welcome to click above green links to read the biography and enjoy classic paintings of 350 masters including best known American artists and top European painters from Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, UK and Belgium as well as other countries; or read techniques of oil painting reproductions in 130 most salable subjects such as abstract art, still life, landscapes, flowers, animal, China original, contemporary, portrait paintings, etc.

All of our pictures can be ordered as kinds of paint medias including pencil sketch, charcoal drawing, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, wax crayon and gouache on paper besides oil painting on canvas or wood board. Please click painting medias to know more.

Toperfectart recommend you to use the searching box at top of the web page if you want to find a famous painting quickly.

* Portraits Oil Painting for Sale of Classic Art

- Famous Painters da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo.
Portrait painting and drawings are different handmade art supplies. Both acrylic painting and oil portraits can't be painted as drawings on paper, they are canvas art.
Mona Lisa is one of the great antique portrait painting by the most famous Italian artists during Renaissance, Leonard da Vinci, who made many famous drawings such as The Vitruvian Man, da Vinci Self Portrait, classic landscapes and Virgin of the Rocks, The Last Supper. They keep pace with Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam and Last Judgement.
Toperfect online stores and studio supplies custom made small or large wall art on canvas of oil painting portrait, you may search European classic paintings for sale and select frames, or ask us to create portrait from photograph instead of purchasing masterpiece replicas.
da Vinci paintings

* Post-impressionist Flowers Painting for Sale, Landscape Art, and Portrait

- Famous Artist van Gogh
. Still life, street scenes and flowers painting are confusable pictures sometimes, they are familiar art for sale at the market and appeared in the great paintings of art by the Dutch post-Impressionism top artist Vincent van Gogh who had influence on 20century art by his well-known works sunflowers, Cafe Terrace at Night, The Starry Night, Wheatfield with Crows, van Gogh Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear, Fourteen Sunflowers in a Vase.
Toperfect art factories also supply acrylic painting from other top Netherlands oil painting artists, China frames sold well, and new replica of famous oil painting reproductions in high techniques but low cost.
van Gogh paintings

* Impressionist Landscape Painting and Canvas Reproduction

- Famous Artist Monet
Landscape oil painting is similar with scenery and street scenes, but usually there is no water scenes and boat in landscapes. Floral paintings with oil is something like flowers art; in fact, floral art is more close to garden subjects and flowers on canvas, more close to still life fine art. As one of top French painters, Claude Monet painted European famous paintings of impressionist beach, seascapes with boat, and some big pics of floral world such as Impression Sunrise, The Water Lily Pond aka Japanese Bridge, Water Lilies, Luncheon on the Grass, The Bridge at Argenteuil, La Promenade, and more.
Toperfect online shop sells old oil painting reproductions of scenery on canvas with good materials, we sell framed beautiful landscape copies in museum quality, colored or black and white works from own art workshops and portrait gallery.
Monet paintings


* Antique Oil Painting Masterpieces by Famous Portrait Artist

- Famous Artist Botticelli
. Antique art here means old masterpieces such as classic pieces by great Renaissance portraitist. World-class artist Botticelli is one of the best known Italian masters because of his portrait oil paintings in the late 19th century. High skills with old materials and techniques were shown in his originals such as The Birth of Venus, Primavera, and Venus and Mars. We suggest that you search these antique paintings by top European artists and handmade oil painting for sale in our Catalogue. is a famous shop of landscapes and Jesus art, we supply free tips of acrylic art and big pics with good Toperfect reviews.
oil paintings

* Modern Art, Contemporary Oils Artist, and Acrylic Paintings for Sale

- Famous Painters Klimt, Diego Rivera, and Jack Vettriano
. Modern paintings and Contemporary Art are different concepts, the first means art oil painting from late 19th century to 1970s, the second means nowadays, both acrylic and oil painting are popular during the two periods.
Gustave Klimt is one of top Austrian painters, he used new materials such as gold leaf and special techniques to create modern paintings of art; his famous handmade replicas are The Kiss, Danaë, Judith and the Head of Holofernes.

Botero works are also popular as the products of oil painting wholesalers, the contemporary Colombian figurative artist Fernando Botero painted proportionally exaggerated in all the subjects of still lives, landscapes and portraiture so that Botero art is called "fat" figures or "large people".
The European famous Scottish artist of contemporary paintings is Jack Vettriano, he is well-known by The Singing Butler, Mad Dogs, Dance Me To The End Of Love.
You may find modern portrait oil painting and contemporary acrylic art at Chinese paintings gallery. Toperfect art factories also supply discount oil painting frames that cost little from Xiamen.
oil paintings for sale

* Impressionist Oil Painting of Landscapes and Ballet

- Famous Painters Degas and Gauguin
. Sometimes we spell Impressionism as impressionist when talk about the oil painting movement of European art genre. Subjects of landscape, portrait, animal, countryside life, especially girl body and ballet are familiar in Famous impressionist art with oil. The French oil painting artist Edgar Degas is well known by his masterpieces of Ballet dancers and female human body such as The Dance Class, At the Races. Another top French impressionist is Paul Gauguin, he paved the way to Primitivism art and pastoral themes by his great on canvas oil painting portrait as well as landscape art painting with countryside animal.
Toperfect's paintings for sale are from big shop for you to buy art online in good materials, these famous art reproductions are same beautiful.
art paintings

* Baroque Artists of Portrait Painting

- Famous Painters Rembrandt and Rubens
. Oil painting portraits in Baroque style is with crowded compositions and dramatic scenes. As one of top Holland artists, Rembrandt van Rijn is famous for The Night Watch, The Anatomy Lecture of Dr Nicolaes Tulp. Both portraits are great European masterpieces in high techniques.
Portraits are popular from another German famous artist Peter Paul Rubens. His favorite subjects are Counter-Reformation altarpieces and history pictures of mythological and allegorical portraits. These antique art paintings on canvas include The Three Graces, Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus, The Straw Hat / Portrait of Susanna Fourment. All could be ordered on in resonable prices.
oil painting reproductions

* American Indians, U.S. Cavalry Paintings in Oils and Acrylic

- Famous Artist Remington
. The classic Native American art depicts western life including horse, Indian paintings cavalry, cowboy and old American West images. These artworks can be painted as acrylic painting, too.
The top famous American oil painting artist of western art is Frederic Remington, his battle landscapes and cowboy portrait painting for sale are salable at our art gallery.
Toperfect studio and workshops offer custom made fine art. You may find favorite photograph and purchase framed group panels hand painted of American Indians, cowboy, horse animals and the U.S. Cavalry at our online stores.
oil painting art

* Impressionist Still Life Paintings

- Famous Painters Manet and Renoir
. Most subjects, such as flowers painting still life, animal art for kids, and street scenes, can be painted in assorted styles including impressionism, classical, abstract and realism. But floral garden is always supplied as impressionist landscape oil painting reproduction. We supply acrylic pictures replica and frames from China art factories in Xiamen, and sell handmade Portrait oil painting reproductions of Luncheon of the Boating Party, The Large Bathers, and bathing girls.
The Luncheon on the Grass is a great portrait on canvas, it is by one of the most famous French oil painting artists Éduard Manet whose master works depict flower and still life art, e.g. A Bar at the Folies-Bergère, and oil painting portrait Olympia.
Another European top painter is Pierre Auguste Renoir, his French art painting Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette is top sold at Toperfect Art who is cheap wall art exporter. portrait oil painting

* Vivid Landscape Oil Painting of Floral Scenery with Animals in Countryside

- Famous Artist Thomas Kinkade
. A key feature of American landscapes by Thomas Kinkade is the lighting highlights and saturated pastel colors influencing Western art. He is contemporary top living artist in America who portrays realistic scenery with Yellow Rose and rose gate.  Stipple skills is used to depict countryside animals near floral house such as dogs,dog portrait, cat, fowl, and bird. These vivid landscape painting reproductions are suitable to decorate house and as Christmas gift.
Toperfect exporter sell famous paintings for sale, some are handmade replica from China in museum quality but sell in low prices.

* Art Reproductions of Italian Boat Paintings Scenery

- Famous Painter Canaletto.
Seascape with boats is beautiful oil paintings, so the subject is adopted by many antique and modern great artists, they painted a large number of classic landscape paintings. Italian top artist Canaletto is famous for his Venice landscape oil paintings that is treasure of European art especially the well known masterpiece Return of the Bucintoro to the Molo on Ascension Day.
Toperfectart direct sale reproductions of Italian boat scenery as wall paintings, you may find hundreds of seascape paintings on canvas at our gallery online.
oil painting landscape

* Germany Expressionism Oil Paintings for Sale

- Famous Painters August Macke and Franz Marc.
August Macke is a Germany oil painting artist and became famous for his artwork Shops Windows that is a personal interpretation of chromatic Cubism, in style of Expressionism and Fauvism.  Another top German artist Franz Marc painted many abstract art in similar styles with Macke such as red horse.
Toperfect art manufactures both artists' paintings in oil and acrylic media, sell original art and abstracts copies in their styles as well as other famous painters from the world.
oil painting reproduction

* Realism Portrait, Painting Kids by Female Artist

- Famous Painters Bouguereau and Mary Cassatt.
Many artists tried to depict children subjects in their paintings, among them French realism artist Bouguereau and American female artist Mary Cassatt are prominent.
People like academic painter Bouguereau because of his emphasis on the female human body and techniques stroking portrait face of kids, girls and angels in the works such as The Young Shepherdess and Psyche et LAmour.
As one of top American oil painting artists, Mary Cassatt created images of the social and women, mother and children in warm purple tone with emphasis on the intimate bonds, she is the best known female portrait painter so far. is an art reproductions wholesaler who supplies famous paintings on canvas of child portrait from photos, sell black and white fine art with oil, as well as framed art for sale.
art painting

* Landscape Oil Paintings of European Water Scenery

- Famous Painters John Constable.
Landscapes fall into several styles such as classical, impressionism and modern techniques including abstract, cubism and surrealist, etc. The familiar subjects in a landscape painting are cloud, forest, mountain, wild animal, path, waterfall and stream.
Well known that English artist John Constable's landscape oil painting, in half classicism style, is famous and very popular at Toperfect art gallery. The Hay Wain with a horse conveys a vigor and expressiveness of John Constable landscape paintings.
Handmade replica after discount of European masterpieces by UK famous painters is for sale by Toperfect at Xiamen and Dafen art factories of art reproductions, subjects cover scenery, animal, and water scenes.
landscape oil paintings

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