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Toperfect ([ˈtɔpəfikt]), Top & Perfect

is the supplier of Starbucks and Wal-Mart as well as famous art galleries and original artists in US and EU, is big paintings company wholesales fine art, oil paintings, portrait paintings, artworks from photos, and famous artists paintings.

Toperfect Paintings Company

paintings companyFounded in 1995, the name Toperfect ([ˈtɔpəfikt]) derives from Top & Perfect and is a trademark of Toperfect Art. Toperfect Art is the supplier of fine art for many Starbuck and Wal-Mart stores as well as many famous galleries and original artists in America and Europe. Our talented artists offer elegant oil painting, watercolor, acrylic painting, gouache, pencil sketch, pastel, wax crayon, and charcoal drawing.


The Toperfect Group is well known for producing a monthly output of more than 10 containers of fine art that includes stretched or framed paintings. That amounts to approximately 2,000 pieces of high-quality art to be appreciated by people like you.

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The scripts copyright on this website is owned by the Toperfect paintings company. Toperfect reserves the original versions of the manual scripts. Toperfect will take appropriate legal action in the piracy and infringements of copyright.


Toperfect has several wholly owned websites found at in the United States and Canada as well as in Germany, in France, in China, in the Middle East. Any other websites with domains that are similar with "toperfect" or "**factory" including "" are a tortious interference with our copyright and may be outright frauds. Please report to us if you encounter any of these fraudulent sites.


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Top 8 reasons why you should choose Toperfect Group?

1, Detecting truth from fraud on art websites.

When you search the Internet there are over 1,000,000 art/painting companies listed. Almost all of them claim to be the “leading", "biggest", or "largest" company. So, how can a consumer determine which company is making a true statement as opposed to a publicity statement or a fraudulent statement? Look behind the words to the work. Toperfect is the only painting company that provides the customer with a video of our facilities including our factory, galleries and offices. When compared with photographs and a written introduction, the video is the most credible evidence of our company status.


2, The talent of our artists.

Toperfect is the only art company that works with academic art teachers and professors from several fine art colleges. You can be sure that the Museum-Collection oil paintings by famous artists are 100% copies of the originals and done by artists that not only have talent painting but love art and seek an audience, like you, who will appreciate your work.

Related information can be found here at "The New Project of Originals by Academic Artists".


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3, Artistic skills and collaboration

Many living artists in Europe and the United States ask Toperfect to their work, and then sign names to sell as their originals.

We wholesale thousands of pieces of artworks that has the same quality as museum collections and are sold at hundreds of highend galleries in the world.

We designed a factory of painted furniture in the United States.

We wholesale to some big chain stores and supermarkets, like Wal-Mart and Starbucks. You can also have the high quality art you want to make your home or office beautiful, classy, and attractive to all who enter.


4, Only the best materials are used by Toperfect

Toperfect use high quality painting materials including FREE linen canvas made of flax and cotton, certified oil paints using brands such as Mary and WinsorNewton that fits in the European standard of EN71-3 and American standard of ASTM D. This is a guarantee that you will receive the highest level of elegant artistic results when you purchase our oil paintings. The canvas and the paint on the canvas will last for many, many years and provide you with sustained artistic beauty. Only a few paintings companies take the responsibility to provide such high quality and Toperfect is the leader in that respect!


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5, What is original art and how our art is truly original art

When we opened Toperfect our aim was not to become a small and simple "copy shop" with a low-level of cultural sensibility. Toperfect set out to be a top, original art reproduction company that has the ability to develop not only our own designs and artwork, but to make reproductions of great art with the same quality as museum collections for collectors. Our original paintings come in many styles and selections, such as fantasy art, revisions of masterpieces, abstract art, basic decorative art, western art and cowboy art, nudes, as well as totem and primitive art. Although our art may be reproduction, it is original in that an artist with knowledge and love of certain styles of paintings will paint your artwork.


6, Trademark and protection

Our trademark has been registered for copyright protection in USA, Europe, and Asia. Our Website is also protected against piracy and infringement.


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7, Customer care and service

We have offices in several seaports and airports. Because of this, our delivery of your artwork is easy and fast.

Our factory is located in an inland city. Because of our location, we believe that it cuts down on business costs and offers you a much more competitive price.


8, Reports and praise

French Broadcast TV gave Toperfect art products a positive comment in their report on the art industry. In May, 2009, it stated, "quality is good and in a relatively low price" ( meilleure qualité avec un prix relativement plus bas). We have become even better as we progress in our love of art and spreading great art to all people.

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